IQC For Metal Domes

Recently, I have found there are so many different names regarding the metal dome. metal dome, which we normally called, some called “Snap Dome”, Tactile Dome, and Dome Switch, and so on. It is a very interesting phenomenon.
I have checked there is a question everyone should be very concerned about this issue. So I have posted the content of my answer as below, I hope to be helpful for all of you.

A guy in BBS asked “How to solve the following problem?”
1. What should we pay more attention about the quality of the metal domes?
2. How can we check?
——– The following is my answer.

Simply speaking, for your IQC department to check the metal domes, they need to note the following points:

1). Shape (clean, dirt, dust, grease stains & deflashing);

2). Actuation force (test by force gauge machine);

3). Contact resistance & stability.

4) You can press the metal dome for several times to check whether the dome can rebound to original position or not. (the process named as metal dome rebounding)
If what you make it metal dome sheets, the following should to be known:
5) Appearance of PET (clean, dirt, grease stains)
6) Lose or double metal domes
7) The location of each dome is the same as the drawing of the PCB
8) If there is EMI printing, pleas take care of the quality of the tracing
9) Others, such as location holes, out line, and so on.

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