What’s light guild film and what function of it?

LGF, also known as light guide film , is a new product designed to improve the existing light guide film. It is to add a layer of LGF to the current common double layer metal dome structure, so as to achieve good light distribution effect.

double layer metal dome structure

Using LGF( light guide film) on PCB (print circuit board), such as POS machine light source only need 1-4 LED lights, the use of light reflection and refraction principle, combined with special optical software design, do microstructure processing on the fiber film, so that the “point light source” expanded to “surface light source”.The beam propagates from the medium at the right Angle and density, so as to achieve the excellent effect of uniform softness and high brightness.

LGF dome array

Various parameters and advantages of light guide film (LGF) are as follows:

  1. Light guide film (LGF) has two types material: PC and PU; Both materials have the same light guiding effect; Comparatively speaking, PU material is softer and feels better. And PC material in the price advantage.

2. LGF thickness of light guide film has two kinds: 0.125mm and 0.1mm, both of which are the same. Thick light guide film has good light guide effect, strong light spot and concentrated light.And the light guide film of thin point has the advantage on feel.

3. Good luminous effect, uniform brightness, high light intensity.

4. Light, soft, thin thickness.In the use of mobile phones, different from the light guide plate takes up a large space.

5. Save LED qty, save power consumption, save cost.

6. Simple structure, does not affect the overall product design (does not affect the click sound of metal dome) and feel good.

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