How to make super large size dome array like 150*200mm?

As we already know there are two methods to manufacture metal dome array: laser-cutting or tooling produce . Usually when the dome sheet exceed than 150mm we will suggest to open a tooling to produce it. Is this the only way to make a snap dome array which dimension exceed 150mm? The answer is not.

Actually, for such super large size metal dome array (usually this super-sized dome array is more used on the keyboards), we have another method to do it beside tooling produce, especially when your demand quantity is not very large, consider from the perspective of cost saving we will suggest to make such dome sheet(also name dome cover) by laser-cutting. The precondition is we need dividing this super large dome array into several parts according the layout of metaldome, then we can produce those dome sheets by laser-cutting as supposed.


Take an example for above PCB boards, the dimension is 212*161mm, except tooling produce we take another method as laser-cutting, we divided it into 3 parts accoridng the distribution of the snap domes( see the white frame line area in the PCB board), then those 3 dome arrays won’t exceed the range of laser machine, thus its very easy to produce the metal dome panel and save much cost as well.

dome array on keyboards

Although the assembly efficiency maybe a little bit slower than the whole sheet dome array assembly, but its does not matter, because we marked a white frame line on the circuit board, and we can also use it for alignment when assemble metal dome array on the PCB board, its very quick as well. For the assembly of dome array please visit our blog “How to Assemble Adhesive Tape of Metal Dome? “.

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