What problems you should pay attention to for LGF (light guide film)?

As we know LGF dome array is a new product for light luminance, so many customers have questions below:

Q. What’s structure of LGF?

A: Material: PC (LGF), Double-sided adhesive (Black and white) and Shading film (Black and white).

Q: How to transfer the light from the guide line to the keypad?

A: There are special marks on the guide light to direct the light up to the key, has many “dots” in LGF to transfer the light to the keypad.

Q: How can I indicate where the LED are?

A: It’s ok to indicate the approximate location of LED. If you don’t have requirements for LED location, we also can help to set the LED location.

Q: What are the critical factors for LGF design and what info should the customer provide to us?

 A: Critical factors: Product structure and location of LED.

Customer should provide thickness of product, character and location of LED to us.

Q: In which case light diffuser is needed?

A: When Legend and LED locations are overlap or other special situation.

Q: Normally how many fine-tuning would be needed during development (from first sample to final samples)?

 A: It’s determined by the schedule of customer end and terminal, base on customer requirements. It will be better if customer can provide samples of their product to us for testing and usually two or three times.

Q: Is there any other important points that customer should pay attention to?

A: Location of LED and Legend.

If you have more questions, don’t hesitate to contact us, meanwhile you can visit for more products about metal domes and metal dome array in our website.

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