Do the different shapes and diameters snap domes can make into one metal dome array?

If you have different feeling requirements or different force requirements for one PCB board, I think you maybe confused that if the different metal domes can be made into one dome array.

The answer is yes, now I am gonna tell you about this.

Different shapes(four-leg,circle,oblong,Triangle without legs), different diameters, different forces, all the metal domes can be designed into one metal dome array, which will save the assembly cost at your side.

However, when we produce the metal with different metal domes, the process is a little bit complicated. We must make different toolings for different metal domes,and it will take more time to assemble, so the price should be higher than other dome array which is with the same force and same diameter.

Now I think you get to know how to design the metal dome array when you have different requiements for one pcb board. Anyway, if you need any help, please donot hesitate to contact with us.

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