Do You Want to Use Less LED on Your Metal Dome Array Project?

For charger, where the indicating lights lies, where the light guide film(lgf) functions.Nowadays, many lights adopt LED with smt technology in new type.In order that light can be emitted from PCB to the product shell without too much consumption, then the light guide film(lgf) is used.

At the point, one layer of light guide film(lgf) is added to the metal dome array with general double-layer structure or EMI structure, for achieving good light ray distribution effect.

Here is the operating principle of light guide film(lgf):with reflection and refraction of light, and combining with specialized optical software design, micro-structure treatment is carried out on optical fibre film, so that “point light source”is expanded to “area source”. Light beam spreads from medium in proper angle and density and gives out light evenly. Light guide film(lgf) design can reduce the use of several LED lights, and solve problems such as uneven brightness distribution, high electricity consumption, big room space requirements and high cost.

Features of light guide film(lgf):

1.Good lighting result, even luminance and high intensity of light;

2. Soft, flexibility and elasticity, thickness is about 0.125mm which does not need too much space;

3. Save LED & power consumption, two LED will be enough for small area mobile phone LGF;

4. No special request for electrical trace;

5. Long durability, the life cycles can reach up to 1 million times.

6. When assembly with metal dome array, light guide film(lgf) will not affect the clicking feeling.

7. Great stability, easy for assembly.

Specifications of light guide film(lgf):

Structure: Double-layer

Material: Light Guide Film(lgf)+ ?EMI? + Mylar + Adhesive + Spacer + Adhesive + metal domes


Mylar: Transparent;

Spacer: White or transparent


Mylar: 0.05mm;

Spacer: 0.075mm

light guide film(lgf)
light guide film(lgf)

Application of light guide film(lgf):

Keypad backlight; Notebook computer keyboard backlight; Notebook Touch Pad and Hotkey luminous module; Luminous logo; Any electronic products requiring backlight.

If you have any queries or comments about metal dome array, light guide film(lgf), contact us anytime and we are very willing to help.

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