How to make the metal dome array to stick on the PCB firmly?

Recently, we have got some customer feedback about the issue of the adhesive. They complain about the adhesive is not stick firmly on their boards and want to know why. In fact, we test the adhesive by ourselves, it can be stick on the boards firmly. It is hard to peel off from the boards.
Please follow me to attention the notes when you stick the metal dome array:

First, please do not touch the part of the adhesive when your operator stuck;

Secondly, Please make sure the surface of PCB/FPC to be clean, free of oil, dust, or others;

3rd: Try your best to stick dome array on your board just one time, don’t put it on, then peel off. Too many times of re-assemble will lessen adhesive of dome array;

4th, please press one time after you assemble metal dome array on the boards, the adhesive is also pressure sensetive one so suitable pressure will enhance the stickness.

If you need the more information, please contact us anytime.

In next time, I will write an post discussing how to assemble metal dome on PCB. Please continue to visit our blog:-)

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