How to improve the metal dome assembly efficienc?

As the labor cost increase every year, more and more customer pursue the assembly efficiency of metal dome. So how to increase the assembly efficiency?

There are many methods for metal dome assembly, such as the triangle with legs is fixed with the pin hole of the boards, for this kind metal dome we need manually place the dome one by one, the assembly efficiency is very low, cost many labor.


And some customer might manually place the metal dome on PCB boards one by one and then stick adhesive tape to fix the dome with PCB board, although save material cost but this methold also has the disatvantage of low assembly efficiency and high labor cost.


Currently the most popular assembly method is customorize a dome array according customer’s PCB boards, put several kinds metal dome or several quantity metal dome on one dome array sheet, customers only need to stick a board one times. Not only the assembly efficiency increased and saved labor cost but also improved the functional stability.


Furthermore, if you want improve the assembly efficiency on the basis of this method, we can design the layout of dome array sheet according customer’s PCB panel layout, put several or dozens dome array in an specific layout thus we can assemble several or dozens dome array on PCB boards at one time, this method can greatly increase the assembly efficiencyof metal dome.


In addition, we have other method to improve the assemble effiency, such as make many dome sheets in one entire sheet according the PCB panle and then assemble the entire sheet on PCB panel at one time. More details you can refer to another blog

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