What the difference between metal dome with dimple and without dimple?

We had knew that metal dome has different types, without dimple and with one or several dimples, but do you know what the difference between with dimple and without dimple?

the metal dome without dimple

The biggest difference is the difference in conduction stability, the metal dome with dimple has better conduction stability than no dimple metal dome.

Because in the using process, once there are dust on the contact side of metal dome, the no dimple metal dome is surface-surface contacting with PCB pad, and the dust will block the conduction.

the metal dome with dimple

For the metal dome with dimple, there are dimple to surface contact with PCB pad, as long as the dust didn’t exsit on the dimple, it will not affect the conduction, even the dust is on the dimple as long as you press the dome several times the dust will fall off. So the conduction stability is more better.

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