What the reasons for poor conduction of metal dome?

We all know that the metal dome is very important for the conduction of electronic product, if the metal dome has problem, the whole product will be affected. Then whether a product has conduction problem and its must caused by the metal dome? Sure, it isn’t.

Let’s briefly introduce several situations of poor contact of metal domes.

  1. When there are some dirts on contact side of metal dome and PCB boards, they will all affect the normal conduction of metal dome.
pads with adhesive
metal dome with dirts
  • If the PCB pad layout is incorrect, its will affect the metal dome conduction as well. For example, if the external diameter of PCB pad is 5mm, but the snap dome size is 6mm, when pressing down the metal dome, it will exceed the pad and can’t connecting so it won’t work.

Normally we suggest that the external diameter of PCB pad should exceed at least 1mm than metal dome.

metal dome and pads
  • If your product has a silicon keypad and the gap between silicon keypad and PCB boards is too large then it will result poor conduction problem. As we are pressing the silicon kepad to make metal dome down to connect with PCB board, if the gap is too large we can’t make the dome down on PCB pad, then it’s no conduction.
  • If the deviation of metal dome assembly is too big that may also affect the conduction, because normally we press the center of metal dome to make product connected, if the assembly is deviated too much, when we press the center of product it may acutally working on the side of metal dome but not on the center, and that means the dome can’t down on the PCB pad to make conduction.
assemble deviation

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