One-Key Dome Array: Single Metal Dome with adhesive PET

Hi, welcome to Best Technology again! Last time we have introduced our lacer cutting technology! Further to that advanced technology, we have dealt with many orders of one-key dome arrays, which are difficult to handle before the adoption of laser cutting machine!

Tracing the days when we have adopted the laser cutting machines, we have lost many orders for the one-key dome arrays! On the other hand, we cannot meet to our customer requirements for dealing the single metal dome with adhesive array without setting up a tooling!

As we all know, a set of tooling would cost an amount of tooling fee. Considering the quantity not large enough, as well as price relatively high with tooling fee, many customers refuse to give orders to us. We also felt sorry for not able to serve with our customers and never give up searching the best way to work out this problem!Â

Finally our efforts are paid off! Now we can deal with any order of one-key dome array. The adhesive array size would be a bit larger than the dome size, so that customers can easily stick the single dome onto PCB or any place they want put to.

Followed is one of the drawings for 8.4mm four-leg dome array:

Peeled Off Kiss Cut Metal Dome Array

Peeled Off Kiss Cut Metal Dome Array

Of course we can do any size as per customers requirements! For instance, we have dealt with one case, where our customer demanded limited space for adhesive PET (like 8*8mm) of 6mm circle metal dome.

Usually we would do the PET size of 10*10mm for 6mm domes; in this case, we finally work out by the size of 8*10mm, so that the array would not only surpass the limited space, but also functions well sticking to the board! Hereby are some pictures of goods we have made:

Single Key Four-leg Metal Dome Array

Welcome to any order of One-Key Dome Array from Best Technology! We can make most tapes of metal dome in different size and shape.

Seemed interested? I think it will save a lot of time for you to assemble bulk metal dome using a adhesive tape at your side. This is what we want, to save time and increase efficiency of assembly.

Any question? Please leave your message or contact us todayd for single key metal dome array now!

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8 Responses to One-Key Dome Array: Single Metal Dome with adhesive PET

  1. selvam says:

    we need to make 5×5 matrix keyboard
    size is 10 cm x 11 cm
    so metal dome should be four leg 11 mm size each

  2. Mostarda says:

    Dear Sir, I’m interesting for One-Key Dome array 4 legs with dimple size 10 and 12mm and oblong size 12x25mm
    Can I have 1 sheet for type as sample for our cnc Delta8 controller?
    Mostarda N.

  3. Peter says:

    Hello Mostarda,

    Email has been sent to your email. We also received your RFQ via email. Tks.

    Wish you satisfactory with our metal dome array.

  4. savood says:


    what should be footprint for domb swithc 5 mm.
    Please reply with footprint mechanicals.


  5. Peter says:

    Hi Savood,

    Already received your email and sent out the footprint recommendation for 5mm metal dome.

  6. Glenn Freeman says:

    Could these type of switches be over molded? I want to completely seal my system and want to use one of these single switch arrays. Would the tape survive an injection molding process or would the tape and component be removed from the pcb during the molding process? What about depressing the switch? I would assume the force needed would increase based on materials used for the over molding but provided we can keep the switch in place and molded material from penetrating under the switch would this work?

  7. Peter says:

    Hi Glenn, you need to complete your PCB firstly, including the molding. After that, do the assembly of components (SMT) and after testing every components okay, you put metal dome array on it. Assembly dome array on PCB is the last process.

    let me know if you need more information. Or write email to us with more details.

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