Metal Dome Array – B3D 5112

People always know different company make different products, and many customers ask us whether we can make a dome array with low profile, like Omrom B3D-5112.

Of course it’s no problem for us to make, this is one of our standard single key dome arrays, but what we used is different in some parameters, but has the same function.

B3D 5112 Similar Dome Array

Here are some parameters:

Name: Single key Metal Dome Array  (similar like Omron B3D 5112)


Dome diameter:5mm;

Dome force: 160gf

Dome surface finishing: Nickel

Travel (Stroke): 0.2+/-0.05mm

Height (thickness of whole product):0.3mm+/-0.05mm

Dome material: stainless steel

Array material: PET with glue

Structure: Top Mylar (clear) + Bottom Spacer (clear)

Life cycles: 500,000-1,000,000 times

Color: Transparent (clear)

Switch capability: 12 VDC, 10 mA

RoHS compliant: Yes

Package: 144 pcs/sheet

(Pease order in multiples of 144 pcs dome array)

Lead time: 7-10 days

 Here are basic price list for this dome array

Q’TY(pcs)  Price       Extended

1         $0.30         $0.30

25        $0.25         $6.25

50        $0.22         $11.00

100       $0.20         $20.00

144       $0.18         $25.92

288       $0.16         $46.08

576       $0.15         $86.40

1,000     $0.12         $120.00

1,728     $0.10         $172.80

3,456     $0.09         $311.04

For small order, you can buy it directly from our online shop:, and payment can by Paypal, or credit card (register a Paypal A/C and then pay). For more quantity, please contact us for a better price for that single key, low profile dome array, B3D 5112.

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