New Circle Metal Domes

In this week, we have developed a new type of circle metal dome, which increases the contact space of metal dome, enhances the working stability and decreases the making difficulty procedure of PCB or membrane switch.  

For normal circle metal dome (with dimple), the diameter of dimple is usual less than 0.03mm (for Φ5mm dome), and have only one ring. When you press the dome, the contact space is little narrow and small. So that it will require terrible exact location of switch contact on PCB or membrane switch, which increasing the difficult of making PCB or membrane switch. And sometimes, the dome maybe don’t work smoothly if switch contact in PCB or membrane switch is not in right place.

normal circle metal dome normal circle metal dome 

But for the new dome, the diameter of dimple is nearly 1.00mm (for Φ5mm dome) and has two rings, which increases the contact space greatly, enhances the working stability of domes and decreases the making procedure of PCB or membrane switch.

 new metal domesThe new circle metal dome 

We can check from belowing pictures showing the difference between the normal dome and the new one.

normal VS new metal domes
Normal metal dome VS the New one (surface/top)

New metal dome VS normal one

New metal dome VS the normal one (buttom)

Right now the new circle metal dome is available in Nickel plating with various snap force. For more information, please contact us now.


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