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What the reasons for poor conduction of metal dome?

We all know that the metal dome is very important for the conduction of electronic product, if the metal dome has problem, the whole product will be affected. Then whether a product has conduction problem and its must caused by … Continue reading

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How to distinguish quickly the suface of Nickel plated, gold plated, silver plated, stainless steel, phosphor bronze silver plated from metal dome?

The color appearance of Nickel-plated and stainless steel is relatively indifference, so need to distinguish through the multimeter, adjusted the multimeter to the diode gear, the two pens moved on the metal dome at the same time, if the sound … Continue reading

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Can different shapes and size of metal domes be placed on a dome array?

Different metal dome shapes (four legs snap dome, triangle metal dome, round and oblong tactile dome) and diameter can be done on a dome array, we could do as the customer request. Why does the customer have such a request? … Continue reading

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