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Whether dome array can bear high temperature?

Some customers ask us whether metal dome can bear high temperature? Whether it will have deformations or its force will be changed? The material of metal dome is stainless steel, in general, the operating temperature of metal dome is -40-100 … Continue reading

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The difference of three kinds plating of metal dome

Some customers may not know how to choose the plating of metal dome for their product.,now I am gonna tell the defference of them. Usually,we have three kinds plating: Nickel plating, Silver plating, and gold plating. The material of metal … Continue reading

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How to test the life of metal dome?

We often receive this question from customer, what’s the life of this metal dome? When we tell them answers, some customers will ask how do you test it? Hereby we will tell you. But firstly, we should let you know, … Continue reading

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