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Function of Dimple in Metal Dome (2)

We have posted an article name:Function of Dimple in Metal Dome Oct 18 to discuss function of dimple of metal dome. In that article, we ask our visit to talk about it, and received several emails. Thanks for everybody whom … Continue reading

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Celebrate Thanks Giving Day

Thanksgiving Day is coming now, according to├é┬áUnited States, this days is celebrated on the fourth Thursday of Nov each year. That means├é┬átomorrow is Thanks Giving Day. Although it’s a holiday originated from America, but right now, more and more countries … Continue reading

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New Payment for Small Charge: Credit Card and Paypal

From this week, we, Best Technology, decide to accept a new payment method for small amount less than USD 300.00: Credit Card or Paypal, with the hope of accelerating the business process, cutting down the payment period, as well as … Continue reading

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The Shortcoming of Telex Transfer

For a long time, that the normal payment is done via wire transfer, konw as T/T (Telex Transfer). It’s a popular handling method in internation business, esp for the medium or larger amont of money. As the preverb says: “No … Continue reading

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How Metal Dome Works

Although we’ve said in the main products page of metal dome how it works, but without the assistance of visible picture, many person still don’t know its theory. Today I draw a simple sketch, hope it can be helpful for … Continue reading

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Metal Domes Technology and Parameters

It seemed that Metal Dome is a strange and mystery products in most people eyes, esp. to the green handle in this industry, and not mention person outside of our industry. Also sometimes my clients ask about the questions of … Continue reading

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Talk About the Staidness

I know a friend, named Amy, whom is in charged of daily routine. The trivialness things she did was answering telephone, arranging the samples of metal dome, in responsible of keeping customers be updated of products schedule, and other things. … Continue reading

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Business Condition in Mainland China

Why there’re more and more companies dedicated to explore the foreign market? There’re many reasons, such as China has become a member of WTO, a big potential market and so on. I don’t intended to discuss these big issues here, … Continue reading

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