New Payment for Small Charge: Credit Card and Paypal

From this week, we, Best Technology, decide to accept a new payment method for small amount less than USD 300.00: Credit Card or Paypal, with the hope of accelerating the business process, cutting down the payment period, as well as reducing the bank fee, for both buyer and us.

For a long time, that the normal payment is wire transfer, konw as T/T (Telex Transfer), but it has several shortcoming when the amount is related small. For more, please check: The Shortcoming of Telex Transfer.

From now on, whether you buy small amount of metal domes or dome array, pay the sample fee, or shiping charge, which is less than USD 400.00, you can use your Credit Card or Paypal. By using it, we hope to make business more easy!

Because the Credit Card and Paypal is so popular outside of China, so it’ll be much convenient do you it.

1) You have a Paypal Account, whether is personnal, Premier or Business user

Contact your sales to get our Paypal Account, and then send money via Paypal. Only a few minutes that we can get money. For you, the sending is free and more faster than before so that you can get the desired goods or samples. For us, we only need to pay a little percent fee to Paypal, but it is smaller than “the third party bank fee”. More import, it make business easy, save time and money for both of us.

If it’s your first time use Paypal, you can browse : How does PayPal work?. At the same time, it’s safe. Please check for more information.

2) You have a Credit Card

Only you need is to register a Paypal account, it’ll take about only two minutes. Then you can send money through your Paypal account.

In the future, we’ll release our online payment method which you can use Credit Card directly. Please note our lasted news.

Your Attentions (Important)

When you send money through Paypal, please contact our salesman to get the right Paypal account. And for the large amount (> USD 400.00), we still used the bank transfering, and also our bank information is valid for all kind of transfering, whether it’s small or big.

Also if like use Paypal for medium or big amount payment, it’s okay for us. As Paypal don’t charge the sender, but will charge us (receiver) a fixed ratio: 3.9%*amount+$0.3 (each single transfering), so please help to add this fee when you send fund to us via Paypal. Thanks.

If you have any questions about the fast transfering via Paypal, please contact us for more information. Welcome to order metal dome (snap dome) or metal dome array (snap dome array) with our company, we are always to be your best partner in China!:-)

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