Celebration of the 13th Anniversary of Best Technology

This Friday June 28th¬†is 13th¬†anniversary of our company, so we had a celebration in advance last weekend. The staff of Best Technology went to Jiaochangwei by bus, the only place with coastline in Shenzhen, China on June 22, 2019. Everyone was excited, looking forward to a memorable journey and cheering for the company’s anniversary. The journey was such meaningful and exciting that everyone was deeply impressed.

Taking a photo in the seaside

We had big BBQ party on the seaside, this was a very wonderful thing. The girls washed foods, such as vegetables, meat, etc. The boys made a fire and baked. And it was very hot at that day, we cooked at outside, no air conditioner, so some girls fanned for the boys, it was a lovely thing. After a short period of time, some dishes were ready, we tasted and it was nice, we cooked together and enjoyed the happy time around three hours.

BBQ activity

At 21:00 pm, Peter, our general manager, shared the development history of Best Technology:

Year 2006: Established in HK;

Year 2007: We had our office in Dongguan;

2010.1: Our company was moved to Shenzhen from Dongguan;

2014 to now: We own a bigger office in Shenzhen.

At the very beginning, there was just one person (Peter) in Best Technology, while Best Technology owns almost 100 people so far. Also, we just focused on the sales of metal domes in early establishment, while we can provide both the metal domes business and PCB (FPC, PCB, MCPCB, Ceramic PCB) for our clients now. Step by step, Best Technology gained a lot. Peter said, what he felt most was the continuous trust and support of the clients all the time. Thanks for the belief of our awesome clients and we will do our best to live up to their expectation.

Peter’s share

As advocated by Best’s corporate culture, our corporate mission is to provide customers with the most satisfactory service and the most suitable products, so, we strive for excellence, stay true to the mission as we always believe we can only attract more and more clients and take a place in the world market by adhering to this belief.

Happy 13th anniversary to Best. Wish Best will develop stronger and stronger.

To learn more, please log on https://www.metal-domes.com/.

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