Best Technology’s Outdoor Training in Dongguan

At last weekend, Peter, our general manager, made a decision to ask every partner of Best Technology to take part in an outdoor training in Dongguan in order to strengthen the ability of the team members of Best Technology.

Though it rained in the morning, every partner still adhered to this journey and made up their mind to go ahead, and then we arrived at Dongguan successfully after one-hour of the journey.
At the very beginning of the process, we encountered a rigorous instructor, who asked us to follow his order strictly otherwise we would be punished. However, every partner gave such terrific performance that the rigorous instructor can’t help complimenting us.
Next, under the guidance of the instructor, we played a lot of significant games. All of the members were divided into 3 groups during each game. With the aim of striving for winning the first-place prize, all of the members made the most of their abilities and cooperated with each other to make it. Every group won the first-place prize respectively after various kinds of games basically. The instructor said, he had never seen such an awesome team and he commented at last, Best Technology would be sure to become stronger and stronger.

At the Saturday evening, all of us still stuck to this training. The instructor asked us to cover our eyes with one black cloth for recalling the past experiences and feeling grateful to Best Technology and parents and whoever helped us before. When the music played in our ears, everyone could not help bursting into tears.
Before leaving, every partner gave a summary about this training. All were so energetic and all said they learned a lot from this training. For instance, how to cooperate with other better, and how to solve problems better by using every possible options.
In my view, the growth of Best Technology can’t do without the continuous support and belief of the new and old clients. Appreciate for the strong support and the firm belief from these clients. Best Technology promises supplying our clients with more and more excellent products.

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