Carrier can effect your business

Maybe you have not realize that this issues: When you found out the new customers, negociate about  important things with him, such as samples, price, payment, etc. , and finally, settle down all the issues. Then you despatch the shipment, only hope it’ll be arrived at the office of your new clients and he will be satisfactory with it. But didn’t you pay attention to this ‘little thing’ ” by which way you send out the samples or goods?” Maybe you will turn up your nose at this, but for my part, it’s a really vital part of the whole process of successful business.


I think many people have encountered the similar problems: When the goods was deliveried from you at such as April 01 via express carrier such as XXX(for example), the operator told you the goods will be arritved at Canada on April 04, and it’s a global express guarantee. So you were happy and relaxed, only to wait for the confirmation from your client. Since then, maybe you’re busy and forgot this thing. Oneday when you remember this and wrote to your client, but the answer is that the goods still didn’t arrived. How can it happen? So anger you’re.

You contact the carrier, tell him the tracking number, and find out the goods ware really in transmitting. The carrier explain “There’s a delay in scheduled flight” “Sorry, the operator make a mistake””Well, sir, we’ll … …”  You was just like a headless ant on a hot pan, jump and dance, in vain. You can imagine how’s your client feeling about that? Anger and bitterness had preyed upon you continually for weeks and a deep languor had succeded this passionate struggle.

Okay, finally, your client get the samples or goods, but maybe it’s one week later, or half month. The right time is past. Your client chose another competitor, you lost this business.  You can ask the carrier to compensated you for the potential lost. But can him compensate this new client for you? Money is not the vital, but good client is like the Amzaon which can give you endless powerful source.

I have also encountered similar things, it give me a  deep lesson. So I don’t use XXX any more, and pay much attention on chosing the carrier, if I have a chose from my clients.

If you want to received our free samples of metal domes or metal dome arrays, or wish our delivery goods based on FOB, you’d better chose a good carrier, which will be more helpful for both you and me.

How do you think about it?

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