The use and function of metal dome in tactile dome switch

There is a metal dome in the tact switch. What is the function of this dome? There are many people outside the industry who don’t quite understand the primary role of metal domes. Some people will raise questions. Let’s give you a detailed introduction to the main function of the metal dome.

Introduction to tactile dome switch

The tactile dome switch is a very popular switch on the market. The quality of this switch is very good and it is widely used. Many people like it very much. It has different functions in different fields. We are using the tactile dome switch. You will be able to discover its effect when time comes. We often see some simple tactile dome switches on the machine. In fact, its use is very simple. We only need to follow the above tips. The metal dome is inside the tactile dome switch and transmits instructions given by people from the outside. The role of this metal dome is very important, because it can control the switch to convey instructions. If the metal dome is broken, it cannot be used, so the life of the metal dome is very important and it is often used. to tactile dome switch, so the metal dome must undergo life testing to meet the number of uses.

The role of metal domes

Regarding the life of the metal dome, Best Technology’s metal dome has undergone life testing and the dome life can reach 5 million times. After life testing, the metal dome in the tactile dome switch can not only be installed in machines, but can also be used in remote control devices and some control products. Compared with traditional silicone buttons, tactile dome switches have a better feel and longer life, which can indirectly improve the production efficiency of various types of switches using conductive films. The contacts under the metal dome on the tactile dome switch are located on the conductive parts of the PCB (mostly located above the gold finger on the circuit board). When the button is pressed by an external force, the center point of the contact is concave and touches the PCB. lines on it, thereby forming a loop, and the current passes through, and the entire product can work normally.

Use of tactile dome switch

Tactile dome switch is an essential structure in electronic key products. It is a conductive film built into metal dome key products and conductive adhesive key products. The function of tactile dome switch is to conduct the switch in key products. It is commonly used in PCB and conductive sheets on FPC circuit boards. The structure of the tactile dome switch is very simple. After removing the key cover and key cap, you can see the metal dome and circuit board under the key. The keyboards used in daily life are basically tactile dome switches. The tactile dome switch also has thin, soft keys and good protective performance, and the production cost of membrane keys is about the same as that of traditional silicone keys.

Metal dome In the tactile dome switch, precision is also very important. There is a metal dome inside the switch that controls the function of the switch. The tightness of the metal dome plays an important role in use. If the precision of the dome is relatively high, then people will feel better when using it. If the precision of the dome is relatively low, then its feel will be worse. Therefore, when Best Technology reviews the design solutions provided by customers, it will provide customers with suitable solutions based on actual applications. If your product requires a tactile dome switch, then you can contact us for consultation and we will provide you with a suitable solution.

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