What specifications you need to know when you inquiry for a metal dome?

Sometimes we get some metal domes inquiries from our customers, but they didn’t give us the specific parameters. I think maybe they also don’t know what the specification is. So we need to confirm with customers again to be clear what the correct metal domes customers need., which will take more time. So this time I will tell you about the specifications of metal domes:

  • First,the metal dome shape: round, four-leg,Triangle, oblong or you need to custom special one for your product. You can choose the different shape metal dome according to your product design.
  • Second, the force, what force is more suitable for your product? 60-500g is most used force for metal dome, also we have higher force, if you need, please contact us for more detail.
  • Third, diameter, Usually diameter 4-12.2 mm is more popular. For more diameter choices, please contact us.
  • Four, the surface finishing, Stainless steel, nickel plated, silver plated, gold plated, which one do you need? or other materials?
  • Others, such as dimple or without dimple? If for Triangle metal dome series, with legs or without legs? if with legs, which type do you want? we have 0.8*0.8 & 0.8*1.5 &0.8*3.0, three kinds of legs for Triangle metal domes for your choice.

Now I think you are clearer about the parameters about the metal domes.Hope this will be helpful for you to choose a suitable metal domes for your product.

If you are interested in more information of metal dome & metal dome array, you can visit to our products’ page for C (Circle) , F (4-Legs) , T (Triangle) , O (Oblong) Custom .

If you would like to know  the packing method of metal dome & metal dome array, please visit to Metal Dome Packing for  In Bulk, In Tube, Tape & Reel, Peel & Place (Array).

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