How Soon Can You Open Our Site?

I want everyone whom visit our site to give me a hand, to check how soon can you open our site metal dome or this blog? It’ll be helpful for us to understand our site’s situation and to serve our clients more better.

When you reply, please kindly tell me the following information:

1) Where’re you from?
2) Your Bandwith: Dial up, ADSL, Wireless, or other ways?
3) How fast you open the site
4) When you visit our site?
5) Any things you think should be improved
6) Others

Hope to hear comments from you soon. Thanks in advance.

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About Peter

In order to share something about the metal dome, metal dome array and other related information about switch, I am glad to release this blog for you. Enjoy it today :-)
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2 Responses to How Soon Can You Open Our Site?

  1. Andrew says:

    Hi there ‘Big Melon’.

    Good to see you’re Blog is active mate. Saw your posts on the business forum.

    Your main page opens quickly, as does your blog page.

    I’m on a 256k DSL link from Australia.

    Hope to speak with you soon.


  2. Peter says:

    Hi Andrew, thanks very much for your kindly reply!

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