Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Today is Christmas! We, Best Co., Ltd. wish all of our clients, friends, and other peoples whom concern about and help us in the past year, have a happy Christmas day. May the glow of Christmas candle fill your heart with peace and pleasure and make your New Year bright.

Your patronage in the past are very much appreciated, and we are looking forward to continuing our mutually profitable business relationship for the coming year!

Have a love filled Christmas and New Year!

Merry Christmas

Winter begin in China

Today it’s “MidWinter” in China, according to Chinese Lunar Calendar. Astronomically, it is the beginning of winter in China, though it’s already winter in North and South Center part of China. Although the distance between the Sun and the Earth is the shortest, sunlight period is the shortest, so it will be more colder and day after day.

According to traditional customes, people will eat “JiaoZi” – a kind of ravioli which has meat or vegetable in it. As the legen says: ” Poeple will be freezed if he has eat “JiaoZi

Remember the Shelly said in his ‘West Wind’: “If winter comes, can Spring be far behind?” We wish all of our clients & friends have a wonderful future in 2007.

Spams of Blog

Nearly every day when I sign into the control panel of our blog, I will find out many responses and trackbacks are waiting for approval. In most case, however, they’re talking about the vi**, s**, which are prohibitive in our site, so they never have any chance to be showed in the presence of visiters. Also the trackbacks, who intended to add external links to their own sites, will be also deleted. Continue reading

Different Request of Metal Domes

Although we have to say that one product should be have the same standard so that it can be used in everyway, we don’t need to worry about who made it. That “standardize” and “internationalize” is good thing for today industry develpment. Bbecause of different culture background, however, there’s still some differences between them.

For normal person, the stardand metal dome are acceptable and will be satisfactory. But what they concerning about is various. Under the NDA with our client, we can’t release more information about them, but we can list some simples phenomenon: Some clients concern about the surfacing plating; someone larg or small dimples; diameter of interior round is the important things for few clients whom worry about the contact area; width of feet is critial elements in some customers’ end-products, and so on.

Everyday, each time we get enquiries about metal dome or sometimes named as “metal snap dome“, we’ll find some difference, whether it’s small or big, we will try to do our best to meet their requests, and feel very happy when problems are fixed and customers found out what they need. At the same time, it’s also a funny time to challenge new affairs. As the preverbs says: “There’s no limit to knowledge”. We appreciate such kind of differences.