What factors will influence the conduction?

Some customers feed back the conduction of metal dome is not good, ask us what reasons. Mainly six reasons in the following, we also provide the solutions of each.

(1) Factor: contact side of metal domes has dirty;

Solution: clean the dirty, or replace the dirty metal dome.

(2) Factor: the metal domes can’t touch product when pressed;

Solution: Change the height of products or add height of metal domes

(3) Factor: The shape of metal dome is not match with PAD of board;

Solution: Re-design the pad base on the shape of metal dome or change the type of metal dome.

(4) Factor: Maybe have double metal domes;

Solution: find double metal domes and remove one.

(5) Factor: Gold finger of PCB board is oxidized;

Solution: Check PCB and replace.

(6) Factor: Metal domes can’t be pressed down, because of “ear” of EMI metal dome array;

Solution: Change position of “ear” or increase the height of the metal dome.

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