Characteristic of Adhesive in our Metal Dome Array

Many customers asked us about the stickiness of our metal dome array because most of what they used are 3M series such as 3M 467, 468 etc. So they will compare the adhesive in our dome array with 3M and they will have a common question for the stickiness, and they worry about whether the metal dome array can stick firmly on PCB.

The adhesive is special which is different from 3M AD: The stickiness of Adhesive at initial step is weak, so that it’ll be convenient for worker to put and peel off again and again on or from PCB, in case some times the alignment is not right so that worker can easy peel if off at initial process. However, after a period of time, the stickiness become more strong and strong, and then dome array will stick firmly on PCB and cannot peeled off.

Whatever Nokia, iPhone, Motorola, Blackberry, the metal dome array under their cell is using the same dome array material like ours. We are always doing our best to provide best products & service to customers, so we use the same material as Nokia choose.

In next article, I will discuss issue how to enhance stickiness of metal dome array on the boards. Let me know if you have any question for metal dome array, Best Technology always like to be your best partner in metal dome and metal dome array.