custom four-leg metal dome with center hole

that in additional to our regular circle, triangle, four-leg, and oblong metal domes, we also provide some other more specific shapes to suit different customers in the design and product needs. Such as the metal dome with center hole and with legs of the four-leg metal domes(snap domes),  we have the diameter 12mm, 10mm, 8.4mm four-leg metal dome with center hole and 11mm four-leg metal dome with legs.Four leg metal dome with center hole was designed specifically for application that require back-lit switch with excellent click feeling with clear sound. The center hole of metal dome allows design put LED just under the metal dome (above the top of PCB), instead of putting on the back side of PCB, as well as allow put location pins through the center hole of metal dome.

That four leg (cross) metal dome with center through hole can be mounted on single or double sided PCBflex circuits and membranes, where traces of negative and positive can designed under the dome on the same side of circuits.

Like normal Four-leg metal dome, it has better clicking fee than Circle and Oblong series dome, and longer life cycle than Triangle dome. Its normal life times are >= 500,000 times.