Warm memory in 2017, Good wishes for 2018

---Evening Party has hosted successfully.

On Jan 28th,2018, all the guys in Best Technology gathered together and took part in the evening night in Venus Hotel Shenzhen.


In 2017, Compared with PCB, the sales amount of metal dome in Best Technology ranked the second place. Our sales Ms Connie have worked in our company about six years and win the title “2017 Evergreen in Best Technology”


Under the host of two beautiful ladies, the night party started at 5PM.

two beautiful ladies

Everyone who took part in the party would have the gifts. It encouraged all the guys to join in the games, and seems everyone enjoyed the game time.


At the beginning of party, boss Peter gave a speech. Thank everyone for working hard in 2017, and look forward the prosperity in 2018. After the speech, birthday cake came suddenly. Wow, a big surprise. There workmates celebrated their birthday together. Best Technology also booked the followers to them. All the guys started to sing and celebrated together.


boss Peter gave a speech 


Game time: Ask and answer. There are five questions, and you only need to gave the right answers for three questions. You would will the prizes.

Ask and answer game 

Ask and answer game


Everyone showed their passion to win the games, and enjoy a wonderful time.


Second Game: Guess the idiom from pictures

Guess the idiom from pictures 


It’s a little difficult to guess the idiom from pictures. The people who took part in this games were trying to figure out the meaning, and would like to win the games. All the guys would like to help the attenders even the host forbid them to accept any assistance from other people. Big family, it’s really warm and joyful.


Third games: You act, I guess

Definition:Choose one theme, each theme has many different kinds of words and pictures.

One person act according to the words or pictures on the screen, and another person guess the words from their figure or action.

You act, I guess 

The attenders need to work together, and cooperated perfectly. It’s really funny and amazing.


During the games, if attenders win the games, they can win the prizes and many different kinds of gifts.

All the staffs sang the company sang.

All the staffs sang the company sang.

Everyone enjoyed a big feast . After the evening party, all the guys gathered and took a family photo. It’s a nice and warm picture. 

took a family photo

At 9 PM, the evening party was end. I believe everyone have a good memory of this night. Hope all best in the following year.


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