How to increase the click feeling of metal dome?

The click feeling of metal dome is the most improtance factor of entire product using effect, but how to increase the click feeling, let’s take a look at the following.
1, Use high height of the metal domes, such as the four-leg metal dome, the circle metal dome with side dimples, the click feeling is better than others;


2, Adjust the click feeling value of metal dome, Value = (force – reforce) / force, the higher value, the better feeling, but it generally can not exceed 70%, too high will affect the metal dome life;
3, UV Plunger Metal Dome Array design;
4, The actuators of Silicone can not make too large, too large will reduce the click feeling;
5, The assembly process, to make sure the metal domes in the center. Bcause in the middle of the dome array is the best feeling.

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