The parameters of LGF

LGF is known as light guide film, it is to add a layer of LGF in the normal double-layer structure dome array or EMI structure to the light distribution effect good.

The parameters and advantages of LGF has the following several items:

1, The material has PC, PU two kinds; light guide effect of two kinds of material are the same; PU material more soft, feel better. While the PC material advantage in price.

2, Thickness: 0.125mm and 0.1mmm two, but the most and often use thinner 0.10mm.

3, The light effect is good, uniform brightness, high light intensity.

4, The quality is light, soft, thin thickness.

5, Saving LED lamps, power consumption saving, cost saving.

6, The structure is simple, do not affect the product overall design (not affectsnap dome click) , good click feeling.