Dimple in Metal Dome(2)


 Dimple in Metal Dome (2)

We have posted an article name:Function of Dimple in Metal Dome Oct 18 to discuss function of dimple of metal dome. In that article, we ask our visit to talk about it, and received several emails. Thanks for everybody whom involved in that case. Today we’ll make a short conclusion regarding the dimple of metal dome.

First of all, we should know that all T (Triangle) series metal domes have dimples. So it’s a optional part for other three types of domes: C (Circle), F (4-Legs), O (Oblong) and Custom Designs.

Then let’s talk about its funtion as follows:

1) Increase the Travel (Stroke)

2) Increas the Contact Areas and Enhance the Stability of metal dome

When you press the dome and release it, the dimples can increase the contact areas on PCB, as well as other function, so it can enhance the stability. You can check this article New Circle Metal Domes to know our lastest new large dimple of domes.

3) Dust Resistance

If you want to know the details of this, don’t hesitate to contact us, we’ll send you more information.
Dimple of metal dome