Celebration of the 12th anniversary of Best Technology Co.,Ltd

Congratulations. Best Technology has gone through twelve years since it was established on June 28th 2006, the company is continually expanding and growing up, and the business grows from eight thousand at initial year of 2006, to the goal of eight million US dollars in 2018, from only one person to now more than 50 employees, after more than 4,300 days and nights of hard work. Thanks for the supporting from customers and employees.

The general manager Peter gave a speech before the dinner of 12th anniversary party, telling the story of company's development history, philosophy, culture, goals, etc. It was an exciting time for the staff on site: they witnessed the company's glory. Cheers.....


Peter: General Manager, An unpretentious person 

This year, two employees won the title of Perfect Attendance Award. One named Zoe, the director of Purchase department, and another named May, the warehouse keeper, they stayed at their positions throughout the whole year, never late, never leave early, never ask for leave. We are really very proud of them. Congratulations.

Zoe and Peter

Zoe and Peter


May and Peter 

May and Peter


Let's go hand in hand and continue to provide our customers with the most suitable products and satisfactory services.

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