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Best Technology’s Outdoor Training in Dongguan

At last weekend, Peter, our general manager, made a decision to ask every partner of Best Technology to take part in an outdoor training in Dongguan in order to strengthen the ability of the team members of Best Technology. Though … Continue reading

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Metal Domes Technology and Parameters

It seemed that Metal Dome is a strange and mystery products in most people eyes, esp. to the green handle in this industry, and not mention person outside of our industry. Also sometimes my clients ask about the questions of … Continue reading

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Electrical and Electronic Equipment Covered Under RoHS

In the previous artile (definition of Lead-free) on Sep 19, we have talked about the Lead-Free and RoHS, and today we will look at the products that are coverd under RoHS. As our products (metal domes and metal dome arrays ) are used as … Continue reading

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Definition of Lead Free

For several years, the industry has been working towards eliminating lead in electronics by July 1, 2006, as required under the European Union’s Restriction of Hazardous Substances (RoHS) Directive. The RoHS Directive stands for “the Restriction Of certain Hazardous Substances … Continue reading

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As we mention in our products metal dome arrays – EMI printing, on top of the Mayler which carries metal dome contacts, silver paste or silver carbon paste is printed as ESD (Electrostatic Discharge Control). In fact, not only we … Continue reading

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About Stainless Steel – Raw Material of Metal Dome (2)

 For the previous article, please view  4) Families of stainless steels There are several families of stainless steel: FERRITIC, MARTENSITIC, AUSTENITIC and DUPLEX. These names are derived from the crystal structure of the steels, which governs their metallurgical behaviour. … Continue reading

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About Stainless Steel – Raw Material of Metal Dome (1)

As you know, the raw material of metal domes (or named snap domes) is stainless steel. (Sometimes the phosphor bronze are used, but much seldom). The quality of material will affect the quality of finished metal domes, so we must be much careful … Continue reading

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