How to Tell the Quality of Metal Domes

Nowadays, many customers do not quite understand metal dome. They just know, the cheaper, the better. Actually, this is not right. Metal dome is an important part used for membrane switch, micro switch, printed circuit boards and so on. It plays a role of conducting the electricity. When you press, the circuit will be conducted, and when you release it, the circuit will be cut out automatically. If there is something wrong with the metal dome, your product(metal dome), even the brand of your company will be destroyed because of choosing incorrect metal domes. So, dear friends, please pay attention to the following several problems when choosing metal domes:

  1. Service life of metal dome

At present, the service life of many metal domes on the market is not up to the standard. The cross metal domes can only reach 200 thousand to 300 thousand times and the price of them is also very cheap. The metal domes with the service life up to 500 thousand to 1 million are seldom seen in the market. Also, the service life of many round metal domes can just reach 700 thousand to 800 thousand in the market. Well, the price is also very cheap.

2.Force of metal dome

The foreign customers have very rigid requirements for the force of metal domes. That is to say, the force of metal domes used for every products should be even and controlled within a certain tolerance(±20gf). It is not permitted that one metal dome has high force and another metal dome has low force. Moreover, the hand feel of metal domes in various types on the market is unstable, which brought a huge loss for many manufacturers using metal domes normally.

Metal domes-2

Metal domes-2

3.Material of metal domes

Proper material should be chosen when manufacturing metal domes and price can not be treated as a standard. There are three kinds of material on the market: domestic material, South Korean material, and Japanese material. Each kind of material can be divided into several different ones. The real manufacturers will know which kind of materials is better and what kind of requirement the products can meet. While, the biggest disadvantage of metal domes is dead key, which is a fact that the metal dome will not bounce when it is pressed. This is difficult to be found from the appearance unless conducting a test.

4.Appearance of metal dome

When selecting metal domes, pay attention to the appearance in case that they has middle dimple deviation, dirt, scratches, oil stains, pressed marks, etc.

Best Technology Co., Ltd. was founded specifically to serve the membrane switch and related mechanical switch industries. From establishment to now, we have accumulated much experience and obtained many customers resource. The service life of our metal domes can be up to more than 1 million times and our metal domes have passed ISO9001 authoritative quality certification. All the products comply with ROHS standard and we can also provide relevant material report.

Should you have any other queries about metal domes, welcome to contact us anytime. Our sales representative will reply you at our earliest convenience.

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