Dragon Boat Festival Coming Again

How time flying! Chinese Dragon Boat Festival (Duan Wu Festival) coming again. We have gone through many economical issue in past time, but we overcome it and now, around the word, business is picking up and we wish the good signal will be continued.

For new guy to our blog, you can visit our previous article about Dragon Boat Festival: “Happy Dragon Boat Festival“. I think you’ll be understand it.

Here I would like to share some pictures I took in last year while watching the Dragon Boat Race. A picture worth thousands of words 🙂

Dragon Boat View 1

You can see how many people watch the race, by the river.

Drago Boat Race

Wawa… I like this 🙂

This is a Dragon Boat

This is what a Dragon boat is. Do you see the Dragon in front of boat?

Metal Dome Manufacturing QC Procedure

Many customers have pay attention to the qualified quality of metal dome now. But they don’t know how to judge it? We think the most important thing is have a strict procedure to check materials and quality controlling.

Depending on our many years’ experience, we, Best Technology, summarizes four points about the OQC procedure as below.

metal dome QC process

This is our main OQC procedure, and more details not listed, if you need more, please contact us.  You can also visit our website to see details: http://www.metal-domes.com/Quality.htm, you can check other information, such as Metal Dome Test Certeria, Metal Dome Handling Precaution and so son.

At the same time, we can also handle relevant test depend on customer’s special request. If you want to get more information, please contact us or send an email to us. We will provide the best service for you as before.