Function of Dimple in Metal Dome (2)

We have posted an article name:Function of Dimple in Metal Dome Oct 18 to discuss function of dimple of metal dome. In that article, we ask our visit to talk about it, and received several emails. Thanks for everybody whom involved in that case. Today we’ll make a short conclusion regarding the dimple of metal dome.

First of all, we should know that all T (Triangle) series metal domes have dimples. So it’s a optional part for other three types of domes: C (Circle), F (4-Legs), O (Oblong) and Custom Designs.

Then let’s talk about its funtion as follows:

1) Increase the Travel (Stroke)

2) Increas the Contact Areas and Enhance the Stability of metal dome

When you press the dome and release it, the dimples can increase the contact areas on PCB, as well as other function, so it can enhance the stability. You can check this article New Circle Metal Domes to know our lastest new large dimple of domes.

3) Dust Resistance

If you want to know the details of this, don’t hesitate to contact us, we’ll send you more information.
Dimple of metal dome

Celebrate Thanks Giving Day

Thanksgiving Day is coming now, according to United States, this days is celebrated on the fourth Thursday of Nov each year. That means tomorrow is Thanks Giving Day. Although it’s a holiday originated from America, but right now, more and more countries celebrate that day, maybe that’s so called “International Pop-Pup”

On that special day, we thanks to God for blessings received during the year, thanks all of our customers’ cooperation in the past months, and best wish all of you have a wonderful Thanks Giving Day Holiday. Enjoy the turkey, corn, cranberries, and pumpkin pie. Enjoy the reunion with your families.

New Payment for Small Charge: Credit Card and Paypal

From this week, we, Best Technology, decide to accept a new payment method for small amount less than USD 300.00: Credit Card or Paypal, with the hope of accelerating the business process, cutting down the payment period, as well as reducing the bank fee, for both buyer and us.

For a long time, that the normal payment is wire transfer, konw as T/T (Telex Transfer), but it has several shortcoming when the amount is related small. For more, please check: The Shortcoming of Telex Transfer.

From now on, whether you buy small amount of metal domes or dome array, pay the sample fee, or shiping charge, which is less than USD 400.00, you can use your Credit Card or Paypal. By using it, we hope to make business more easy!

Because the Credit Card and Paypal is so popular outside of China, so it’ll be much convenient do you it.

1) You have a Paypal Account, whether is personnal, Premier or Business user

Contact your sales to get our Paypal Account, and then send money via Paypal. Only a few minutes that we can get money. For you, the sending is free and more faster than before so that you can get the desired goods or samples. For us, we only need to pay a little percent fee to Paypal, but it is smaller than “the third party bank fee”. More import, it make business easy, save time and money for both of us.

If it’s your first time use Paypal, you can browse : How does PayPal work?. At the same time, it’s safe. Please check for more information.

2) You have a Credit Card

Only you need is to register a Paypal account, it’ll take about only two minutes. Then you can send money through your Paypal account.

In the future, we’ll release our online payment method which you can use Credit Card directly. Please note our lasted news.

Your Attentions (Important)

When you send money through Paypal, please contact our salesman to get the right Paypal account. And for the large amount (> USD 400.00), we still used the bank transfering, and also our bank information is valid for all kind of transfering, whether it’s small or big.

Also if like use Paypal for medium or big amount payment, it’s okay for us. As Paypal don’t charge the sender, but will charge us (receiver) a fixed ratio: 3.9%*amount+$0.3 (each single transfering), so please help to add this fee when you send fund to us via Paypal. Thanks.

If you have any questions about the fast transfering via Paypal, please contact us for more information. Welcome to order metal dome (snap dome) or metal dome array (snap dome array) with our company, we are always to be your best partner in China!:-)

The Shortcoming of Telex Transfer

For a long time, that the normal payment is done via wire transfer, konw as T/T (Telex Transfer). It’s a popular handling method in internation business, esp for the medium or larger amont of money. As the preverb says: “No one is perfect”, beside its advantage, it has several shortcoming as follows:

1) Long Time Period

The buyer send money via his bank, then the vendors wait for money to arrived at their bank. Generally, this period will last at least two or three days because the cross-countries and different banks. Sometimes even longer than  5 days or one weeks, depending upon whereever the countries and whatever the banks of buyer and vendor are. Time is the money, but under this case, no one can speed it up.

2) A Little Higher Bank Fee for Small Amount

For T/T, both parties have to pay the bank fee. When buyer do the transfer, whether it is large amount or small. he must pay the bank fee. Everyone know it. But at the same time, when the vendor receiving the money, maybe he also need to pay certain amout of the third part bank fee.

This bank fee is deducted by Intermediary Bank. Many buyers whom purchased initially from China do not know this is bank fee, but it is here. Because of exchange control, along with other elements, the money from purchaser will transfer through a Intermediary Bank untill it arrived at vendor’s bank account. Showed as follows:

Purchaser Bank – Intermediary Bank – Beneficiary Bank (Vendors)

(Buyer send USD 100 deducted USD 25.00 and only USD 75.00 arrived at Vendor)

The USD 25.00 is wasted!

Is there other method which can overcome these drawbak and take its place? Of course there is. Please view back next time, then we will release a new payment method for small amount.

How Metal Dome Works

Although we’ve said in the main products page of metal dome how it works, but without the assistance of visible picture, many person still don’t know its theory. Today I draw a simple sketch, hope it can be helpful for friends to understand it.

how metal dome work

While you research the picture, you can write our instruction of how metal dome works in metal domes, namely “They function in the following way: The metal domes are placed on the printed circuit board by means of pressure-sensitive adhesive tape. In their relaxed state, the metal domes rest on the outer rim of the primary pathway. When pushed, the domes collapse and make contact with the secondary pathway, thereby closing the circuit.

To know what a metal dome is, maybe this article, Metal Dome VS Steel Dome,  can help you. Also the artiles in metal domes maybe be helpful for you to learn more the metal dome (sometimes people call it metal snap domes) .

Do you understand it now? Or think about the other things need to provide to enrich this explanation? Leave your response here!

Metal Domes Technology and Parameters

It seemed that Metal Dome is a strange and mystery products in most people eyes, esp. to the green handle in this industry, and not mention person outside of our industry. Also sometimes my clients ask about the questions of technology or parameter of Metal Domes, such as what is a CP or CL is, how the plating, and so on. Today, I will talk something about these things, with the hope of covering basic technology and parameter in the fields of Metal Domes.

1, Material of Metal Domes
Generally it is SUS 301 or SUS 304. The hardness of SUS 301 is higher than SUS 304, normal between 490 and 530 Hv (Tensile Strength 186kg/mm²). Or sometimes people divided them into four basic types, according to the hardness of Japanese pencil: 1/4 H, 1/2 H, H and EH. The higher the hardness, the more stability of life cycles and click feeling, and the more expensive price will be. For more information about material, view About Stainless Steel – Raw Material of Metal Dome (1), About Stainless Steel – Raw Material of Metal Dome (2)

2, Number of Sockets in Mould of Metal Domes

The more number of sockets in mould, the less stability will be. Right now, it is 1 out 1, for the normal factory of metal domes, for small circle metal dome, such as 3~5mm, maybe 3 or 5 pcs.

3, OQA Control

The items of OQA including outlook(shape, burs), force (force tester),  click feeling, life testing (life tester), generally inspect 3 out 10,000 pcs randomly.

4, Click Feeling

CC: Click Feeling; CP: Compression Peak Force; CL: Compression Low Force; RL: Release Low Force; RP: Compression Peak Force
CC(%)=(CP-CL)/CP x 100%, it’s normally between 35% and 60%.

Metal Dome Stroke (Travel)

5, Stroke (Travel) of Metal Domes

Please see the figure, generally the stroke (travel) for Diameter 4mm metal dome is 0.16mm “ 0.18mm, +/- 0.003mm, Dia 5mm 0.18mm “ 0.23mm and 0.23mm “ 0.28mm for Dia 6mm.

metal dome heigth

6, Height of Metal Domes

Height equal to stroke (travel) + thickness of material. For examples, the stroke is 0.20mm, thickness of material is 0.06, then height will be 0.20+0.06=0.26mm.

7, Shape of Metal Domes

There are basic four types: Circle (Round), Four-Legs (Cross), Triangle and Oblong. Also customers design is welcome.

8, Handling of Smudge

Cleanout: There are two methods: one is multi-grade pure water filtration; another one is Ultrasonic clean-out.

9, Plating

At present, there are two methods. For Ni (Nickel) plating domes, generally factory purchase the material which already has Ni foil on the raw material. For Au (Gold), there are two ways: one is Au on raw material, another is manufacture metal domes without any foil firstly, then send them to electroplate workshop to have Au plating. Also it can divide into single side and two sided Au plating.

10, Usage of Metal Domes

Peter from Best Hardware Co., Ltd., believe that it is a future direction that more and more products which require click feeling, excellent electric capability, long life performance, better acclimatization will use metal domes or metal dome arrays (metal dome switches).

Right now it is widely used in communication electronics, home electric appliances, industry control equipments, medical machines, with the macroscopical view.

For more usage of metal domes in microcosmic view, please browse our website ( to learn more. I hope right now everyone can understand the basic technology and parameter of metal domes in our industry.

If you still have any questions, or have different thought or views with us, or have some suggestion or comments, please leave your messages here or contact us.

Author: Peter
Published: Metal Domes Technology and Parameters; Metal Dome Blog
All right reserved. Be reproduced in the form of annotated links to the original source and author, and this statement.

Talk About the Staidness

I know a friend, named Amy, whom is in charged of daily routine. The trivialness things she did was answering telephone, arranging the samples of metal dome, in responsible of keeping customers be updated of products schedule, and other things.

Many people think it’s a dispensable job, neither important nor interested, so most one will pay little attention upon it. But in fact, they’re wrong. Each foundation stone is absolutely necessarily for the stability of a building. So does her job.

If we seek the reasons of failure, we’ll find the deepest elements which will effect the whole process. Then we realize the importance of it. Maybe we can compare each trivialness as the beginning of a new end. No beginning, no end.

I remember what Winstone Churchil said on Nov 10, 1942, at the Lord Mayor’s Luncheon, Mansion House: “This is not the end. It is not even the beginning of the end. But it is, perhaps, the end of the beginning.”

Business Condition in Mainland China

Why there’re more and more companies dedicated to explore the foreign market? There’re many reasons, such as China has become a member of WTO, a big potential market and so on. I don’t intended to discuss these big issues here, but just analyze the business condition in Mainland China, and then I think you’ll get some hints.

Firstly, let’s took a glance at this fact: “According the analyse data, there’s at least two companies went bankrupt because of complexed triangle finance relation.” What’s a triangle finance relation? Let’s explain it in a simple samples: Company A is a components manufacturer who make the parts to Company B. B make goods for company C, D purchase the goods from C and sell them via supermarket E.

When B buy components from A, he didn’t pay by check immdiately, generally is a 30 or 45, even 60 or 90 days monthly finance settlement. He promise to pay 30 or 45 days later, so it’s similar to 45 days D/A. The same things happened when C purchase from B, D from C, E from D. Each process is complexed crossed, just like a lantern ring. Frankly, each payment promise in depened upon the previous company. If everything is going goods, then it’ll be a happy ending for all. But how about the true?

In fact, the market economy is not so matural as the western. Credit standing is a strangle thing in China. So maybe then factory A want B cash the chek in matural time, the B will be delayed or even rejected, and has lot of plea. So do the others. And then the whole lantern ring is destoried. The complexed triangle collapse. Then company A or C, or D have to declare bankrupt to protect his own interest.

I think you’ll know the dangerous to do business with companies in Mainland. Althought seldom companeies existed, you can imagine what things will be happened till it done. Am I right?

Secondly, Various people relationship

Maybe we can call it “Chinese character”. You don’t know how complex it’ll be. It’s a mess. But I don’t want to explore it more, just touch the surface. To know the deepth of a river, you just need to step in. Am I right?

Thirdly, different strange requests

In fact, it’s also the Chinese character. Do you know why the Google can’t get big success in Mainland China as he get otherwhere? As someone joked:”To do business in China, you have to know the Chinese Character. It’s unique. The market will give a lesson to anyone ignore it.

Okay, you’ve know these things. Maybe you become a scared to do business in China. But don’t worry, there’s one important thing I skip over is what I talk it’s business between Chinese merchant. When foreign involved in, things will be changed. Everything will be smoothly. Why? It’s a Chinese Character.

Maybe what I said it’s in a extreme way, it’s not a typical market phenomenon, and the fact is more better than what I saw and said. But we can’t ignored it, yeah? Days after days, the business condition become better and better, then it’s the time to forget my words, treat it as a joking. ^_^